Silky Kadakia
Bridging strategy and design


Work Spotlights

My Design Process

Explore how I bridge strategic thought with design methodology. I use this process to facilitate client project and adapt based on specific needs. 


Analytics tool designed for an industrial products manufacturer's sales and marketing teams to manage operations throughout the customer lifecycle.


Management tool designed to increase transit accuracy, reduce lead time, and enable excess inventory reduction for a global pharmaceuticals company.

Analytics UX & UI Design

In addition to the three identified project spotlights, I have worked on numerous projects problem solving data issues with design thinking and visual design.

hhs program performance

"Health of the Business" tool that allows State Secretaries of Health and Human Services to understand program performance and financials in one glance.

Additional Art forms

Explore my portfolio of other art forms including graphic design, sketch infographics, photography, animation, documentary making, and choreography.